Monday, October 16, 2017

Payoneer vs Paypal: 3 Reasons Why you Should use Payoneer over PayPal.

I have been using PayPal for over 7 years now. They are reliable and secure. I like their popularity, supports, and overall user interfaces. I am satisfied with them on everything except their currency conversion rate, which is very expensive.

I have actually heard about Payoneer for quite some time, but I've never bothered to try it because most of my stock agencies cannot remit money through it. Recently, Shutterstock, the top stock agency has started to use Payoneer and so I thought I should give it a try to see what are the options I got there.

Here are my findings and 3 reasons why I preferred Payoneer over PayPal now.

1. The conversion rate is about 1-2% percent cheaper than PayPal. And that's a lot when you started to do this in long term. There is no reason not to accept the increment of that extra 1-2% when you actually can.

2. The money transferred to your local bank account is a few days faster than PayPal. Now, why would I wait for my money a few days late if I have the choice?

3. The referral program is good because when I referred someone in, we both will get $25 when he/she receives a total of $1000. My referral link is

If you have decided to use Payoneer, please use my referral link above to sign up because both of us will earn $25.

For your information, it is not necessary to sign up to Payoneer Prepaid Mastercard to receive and transfer money. So, there is no hidden charges or whatsover. I have tried and confirmed it.

Do comment below or shoot me an email at leremy[at] if you have any doubts and questions about it. I will try my best to help.

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