Friday, December 17, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Vector Arts Online - For Graphic Designers Only

All graphics designers in this world should sell their artworks online. Below are 10 reasons of why every graphic designers in this world should try and sell their artworks online. If you are new to this, I strongly recommend you to read the FAQ here to understand how everything works.

1. You already have the knowledge to draw artworks, and it is a waste not to use your skills to gain more income for yourself. I started out as a web designers, earnings $3000 a month, and now just after 6 months into microstock industry, I have earn an extra $2000 a month (even without doing anything anymore).

2. You don't have to convince anyone. I understand that the frustration we have as a graphics designers. We feel frustrated when our clients dislike our works and request for changes. However, in this industry, you only need to pass through the agency reviewers (which is always easy). Even amateurs with some simple buttons design can manage to sell their artworks online. Take a look at an artwork I did 6 months ago. Believe it or not, I have manage to made over $300.00 in just 6 months time with it. And the sales is still coming in. For the record, I have only spent 3 hours with the below artwork. This simply means, my 3 hours of work is worth $300.00 and it is still counting.

stock vector : Badge Sticker Set Vector

3. No marketing needed from us. Yes, microstock agencies in this world are huge companies. They are companies that worth over $50 millions. Marketing and advertisement campaign are done by them. They are the hypermarket, and we are the producer of the products inside. Joining these agencies will allow you to concentrate on your work fully and need not worry about no one buying it.

4. Your vector artworks will be on sale forever. Once you have successfully uploaded your works into these stock agencies, you can then sleep well at night and check on your earning the next morning everyday. No business can be better than this for a graphic designers.

5. You don't need a funding to start. This is not a big business whereby you need a significant resources to start. As long as you have a computer, vector illustration softwares, and skills, you can already start generating income. Read this page to learn more on how to start selling your vector online.

6. You don't need a partner. In fact, all vector artists should do this alone simply because you don't need a partner to start. This is all individual work, and you don't want to waste your time in discussion.

7. You work for your hobby. There is no obligations, regulations, or any commitments you need to put into this. Microstock agencies do not force you to do anything. You do it whenever you feel like doing it. For your information, some vector artists produce 1 artwork everyday, while the other... 20 a day depending on the skills and quality of the work.

8. The biggest dilemma of being a graphic designer is to chase for the money. Clients sometimes drag our money to a very long extent and at worst, they never pay at the end of the day. After 6 months into microstock industries, I have to clap my hand and give praise to how efficient they pay my earnings. So far, I have not receive any late payment or delayed earnings at all.

9. The longer you are in the industry, the bigger you are. Buyers love to buy back from you if you can consistently produce good artworks. When your portfolio becomes bigger, your chances of selling is also higher.

10. And lastly, you can work from home :)

For a start, I would recommend you to join the below 6 microstock agencies and get yourself to register as a contributor to them.

They have consistently create sales for my works and best of all, it is in an uptrend. 
I wish you good luck and may all the graphics designers in the world earn more.

Ohh, and before I forget, joining these stock agencies as a contributor is totally FREE.

Register as a contributor now :)
If you have any problem in the registration process, just ask me at this Facebook Discussion Board. I will try my best to help.

Tutorial: How To Draw Glossy Button With Shadow

There are many techniques to draw a glossy button, but I will explain to you the easiest one.

First of all, draw a blue circle with RGB 0, 128, 255.

Blue circle.
RGB 0,128, 255.
Size 90px x 90px.

After that, draw a smaller circle with Linear Gradient from top to bottom with the gradient of RGB 0, 128, 255 and RGB 255, 255, 255.

Gradient circle.
RGB 0, 128, 255 to 255, 255, 255.
Size 60px x 60px.
Gradient angle 90 degree.

Centered both the circles like the below.

Adjust the height of the Gradient circle and push it to further top. See below for example.

Now you have got a glossy button, and it is time to add some shadow to it. Just draw another circle with the same size as the bigger circle with the gradient of RGB 0, 192, 255 to RGB 255, 255, 255. Adjust the location of the gradient angle to have more white color.

Gradient circle.
RGB 0, 128, 255 to RGB 255, 255, 255.
Size 90px x 90px.
Gradient Angle 90px.
Gradient position: Adjust it to have more white.

Move the new gradient to the bottom of the glossy button and this will be the shadow of your glossy button.