Saturday, December 4, 2010

How Much Money I can Make from Shutterstock, IStockPhoto, Fotolia, and Dreamstime?

That is a question that everyone will ask. There is no straight answer on this, but I can give some ideas on how much you can make from the below vectors:

A Combination Padlock
Shutterstock = $1.50/month
IStockPhoto = $4.00/month
Fotolia = $0.10/month
Dreamstime = $0.10/month
GraphicRiver = $0.50/month

Green Environment Icons Set
Shutterstock = $8.00/month
IStockPhoto = $5.00/month
Fotolia = $0.50/month
Dreamstime = $0.20/month
GraphicRiver = $5.00/month

Looking at the two example above, you can see that a good vector can make about 10x times more than an average one.

Shutterstock, IStockPhoto, and GraphicRiver can make some worthy earnings, whereas Fotolia and Dreamstime are almost hopeless. However, this does not mean you should forget about Fotolia and Dreamstime because the above are only two small examples. Sometimes, Fotolia and Dreamstime can make even more profit from a single item, but the chances are low.

As for photos (not vector), I could not give you a good example as I do not upload photos. But earnings from photos are normally 10x times lower than a vector, unless you have a very good photo which can sometimes make $5/day.


  1. hi Leremy,

    your blog is very informative, i had learn a lot from here, thanks!

    now, i am thinking of making some extra money as what you did.
    But before that, i need your advise here:

    - should i open a PERSONAL account OR PREMIER account on PAYPAL?
    - can PERSONAL account receive payment from Microstock sites?

    please advise, thank you in advance...

  2. I believe my one is PERSONAL account. Yes, Paypal account can receive payment from microstock agencies.

    1. thanks for prompt reply!
      i will now open a Paypal Personal Account immediately... : )

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    Thank you for sharing informative post!
    Nice to meet you!