Below is a series of FAQ for starters to read.

1. What is a vector?
Vector is graphic produced by Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, InkScape, or any other vector illustration tool. Vector graphic can be scaled to any size without losing its quality.

2. Why people want to buy vector graphic?
Take a look around you now. Everything requires graphic. Wallpaper, brochure, Christmas card, magazines, packaging box, and many many more. Who produced them? Every little graphics in this world is produced by someone. And we are the ORIGINAL SOURCE. We produce graphics and other graphic designers buy from us. They buy from us because it is much cheaper and time-saving than to produce.

3. How do you sell your vector graphic?
I don't sell it myself. I upload them to microstock agencies and buyers will buy from there. This is just like how supermarket works. Buyers search for the thing they want, and they pay for it.

4. Where can I find microstock agencies that helps me to distribute my vector graphics?
There are tons. But I will only recommend the below 5 due to their performances.

5. How much does these microstock agencies makes from selling my vector graphic?
Different microstock agencies have different royalties percentage. Some take more, some take less. You earned between 15% to 60% from the total revenue.

6. Will these microstock agencies accept everything I upload to them?
No. They will have to review your vector graphics first in term of quality and technical requirements before they put it up for sale.

7. Will my vector graphic gone after someone bought it?
No. They will be continue to sell forever.

8. Can I sell the same vector graphics at all agencies.
Yes. You can upload them to every agencies, unless you have become an Exclusive to one of them.

9. How much can I roughly make on average?
From $20/month to $20000 a month. From my observation, average vector artists made about $300 a month.

10. What should I draw?
Anything and everything. Some examples can be wallpaper, buttons, abstract graphics, flowers, animals, hardwares, clouds, furnitures, Santa Claus, and etc.

11. What sells the most?
Anything that is good looking will sell.

12. Can I do this part time?
Of course. Almost everyone in this industry does this part time. Is good to have side income coming from your work constantly.

13. How do I get paid?
You can opt your agency to pay you through PayPal, MoneyBookers, and check.

14. Is microstock industry a scam?
When you have a business model whereby everyone has to pay to gain, it is then obvious that it is not a scam.

15. Hey, why should I sell my vector graphics through microstock agencies? Couldn't I just sell it myself through my own website?
Microstock industries spent millions of dollar in advertisement and they already have hundreds of thousands buyers there. You should only concentrate on producing more works and not marketing.