Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tutorial: How to Create a Banner Scroll Vector Using Adobe Illustrator

Have you ever been wondering by how vector artist able to come out with unique banner that curved so perfectly? Here is a step by step guide on how you can do it with Adobe Illustrator.

1. Use your Adobe Illustrator and draw the below examples. I guess you have no problem drawing the following, right? In order to make all your points overlap accurately, you can use the Grid Tools (View -> Snap To Grid).

2. Select one of the rectangle and use Warp (Effect -> Warp -> Flag) just like the below.

3. Repeat the above step for the rests of the objects until you are satisfied.

4. Group the whole banner and use the Warp tool again. This time use Warp -> Arc, and you will get a perfected scrolling banner like the below.

I am also selling this banner scroll at IStockPhoto.

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  1. Nice tutorial. I've always done this kind of illustration by drawing manually, I have never used the warp effect. Thanks :)

  2. Thanks. I have been trying to do banners like these a long time ago, but fail miserably because it is so hard to make it smooth.

    After playing around with the Warp Effect, all this can be done easily and effectively :)

  3. OMG, your article was a bit too late for me. Would definitely saved some of my precious time doing those Xmas ribbons of mine. Oh well...

    Great tips btw, cheers!

  4. Hi Louis. What to do? I have been trying to do it myself too for the past 6 months and only realize the technique recently :)