Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Why are Microstock Contributors Always Angry?

Microstock contributors have always been angry, but we have got our reasons why.

  1. Agencies have been treating us badly. They cut royalty whenever they feel like it. We have almost never got a raise, but pay-cut is on the corner every so often. Is not fair.
  2. Agencies randomly reject our submissions. So much effort and so much hope - yet they reject it nonsensically. Is unreasonable.
  3. So many copy-cats out there. They copy with the thickest face ever. They copy it blindly. They copy the titles and keywords too. They have got no shame. Is crazy.
  4. So many new agencies appear throughout the years. We have helped. We have submitted. We have hope. But we have got no downloads. Is a total waste of time. 
  5. So many spammers in our world. Icon warriors, marijuana-guy, yogurt-man, and bla bla bla. Check these spammers out at MicrostockGroup.com. Why do agencies even treat them with love? Why why why?
  6. We work so hard. We work like crazy. We don't get to sleep. Why is our works not getting a sale? Is demoralizing. 
  7. Agencies love to play around with their partners and somehow, we get an unfair cut. We are so helpless. 
  8. Agencies have been treating us like commodities. We have very little faith in them and in ourselves now. 
  9. So many people use our works without paying. So many of them never buy the right license. So many of them got away. Just so many.
  10. So many mother fuckers took our images and post them for free. Is demonic. 
  11. There are so many hate, jealousy, sarcasm, bullies, and, copy-cats among us. Many don't feel like posting anymore.

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