Friday, December 24, 2010

Strategies in Selling Vector Graphics

Selling vector graphics needs a strategy to win. You cannot simply draw anything you like and upload them without a direction. You need to set yourself a winning strategy to gain in the long term. Yes, this is a long term game, and it is not a get-rich-quick thing. I have seen many strategies used by different artists and I believe most of them have excel in their own ways.

Producing Only Good Quality Vector

Producing good quality vector takes time. One very good vector takes about 3-7 days to produce. You take into consideration of every pixels and make sure everything is perfect before releasing it. Your portfolio will be very much smaller in this case because you can only produce 2 vectors per week. There is a big advantage in this strategy because your vector graphic is likely to sell a lot and for a very long time. A high quality vector can generate about $500 a month and will probably continue to sell for a very long time. Additional to that, you will be branded as a "celebrity" and celebrity has fans.,1290532071,2/stock-vector-vector-set-calligraphic-design-elements-and-page-decoration-lots-of-useful-elements-to-embellish-65754793.jpg
High quality vector.
This is a top seller at Shutterstock.

Producing a Similar Theme of Graphics Everyday

Now, this is a strategy that not many will use because it is hard to produce something similar, over and over again. But if you are a machine and full of ideas about it, this strategy can be applied to you. Producing a similar type of graphic has its advantage of its own. First, buyer who lands on your portfolio will definitely buy something from you because you have got tons of choices to choose. There are high chances that he will buy a few vector graphics from your portfolio in one time. Also, he may come back for you in the future because he knows you have a lot of choices for that particular subject.,1283411048,1/stock-vector-seamless-pattern-60203107.jpg

A beautiful seamless pattern.
This is one of the best seller at Shutterstock.

Producing Single Isolated Cartoon Massively

How much is consider massive? 10000. Yes, there are vector artists who produce isolated cartoon massively. It is not crazy, is just pure hard works and creativity. Take a look at this portfolio by lineartestpilot and Cory Thoman. They have produce tons and tons of beautiful cartoons everyday and I think everybody will love these cartoons. In my personal opinions, single character cartoon don't sell well (perhaps 5 downloads per month) because it is very limited to its usage, but when one need it, they will definitely buy it for whatever price. A huge advantage in this strategy is that you can increase your portfolio size tremendously. Bigger portfolio means higher visibility. Drawing cartoon characters is fun too and you will never get boring with it. Because you are good in drawing cartoon, you can produce a lot of them in a short time. This strategy works and will definitely pay off.,1232570881,5/stock-vector-little-dog-sitting-23672650.jpg

A cartoon dog by Cory Thoman.
This is on sale at Shutterstock.

Getting Out of Competition

You know, whatever things that you can think off now, has most probably been drawn by other artists thousands of time already. Competition is never good. A strategy that some use is to get out of the competition. You research on the thing you had in mind and sees if anyone else have drawn it yet; and if you could do better. Yes, there are still things that hasn't been drawn thousand of time yet and you will definitely land on the first page in the search. Being seen means a sale possibility.

If you search for the keyword "Chinese Chess" vector at Shutterstock you will get less than 10 results. This means almost no competition for this subject and you will definitely being seen. Whereas, if you search for the keyword "icon", you will get more than half a million of such results. Try to avoid competition. Do something new and unique and it will be profitable in the long run.,1274752699,1/stock-vector-chinese-chess-vector-53805082.jpg
Chinese Chess in Vector at Shutterstock.

Drawing According to Seasons

What seasons do we have? We have Christmas, Valentine, Halloween, New Year, Independence Day, and many many more. This has never gone wrong and there will definitely be buyer on this. However, you have to upload your seasonal-theme vector a few months earlier. Clients need to get their stuff ready and graphic designers need your vectors earlier too for the preparation.,1263083679,4/stock-vector-valentine-s-day-type-text-44144614.jpg
Some Valentine Day artwork at Shutterstock.

Packing Everything 

You pack everything into one and sell it cheap. Yes, this basically destroy the microstock industry because you are pulling the price down. But again, if you don't do it, others will. And they will prevail, while you fail. This strategy is proven working, but whether it is worth doing it or not, is not up to me to judge. Packing everything definitely sells better but it is time consuming, and sometimes don't really sell at all.

As a conclusion, there are definitely many type of strategies to sell your vector graphics efficiently. However, it all comes down to hard work and skills. If you are really keen to go into selling vectors to make money, I recommend you to join the below agencies for a start and will it will definitely pay off.

I wish you good luck and remember to share this article to your friends if you love it.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


  1. I love your blog! I'd love to cooperate with you in writing articles and researches on microstocking!

  2. Thanks for u'r blog dude love it...

  3. Great info, thank you. I shall be signing up with shutterstock!

  4. Thanks for valuable information...I just want to know weather we submit same vector art for different sites.

  5. yes, i think is best to submit the same vector to different sites because this save time. rearranging and modifying existing vectors is really time demanding.

  6. I have a feeling that submitting the same vectors to multiple stock vendors is going to get you in trouble. I have been trying to find the clear explanation about submitting even rejected vectors to alternative stock vendors, but haven't been able to find anything clearly stated. I am currently submitting vectors through and know that you can be an exclusive contributor, but I have not yet sold enough to participate in that program.

  7. Yes!! I like Cory Thoman :). He has a lot of vector graphic cartoon character collection. By the way, could i get link to your portfolio?!