Sunday, February 17, 2013

IconBeast Pro: iPhone Icons (Updates)

Previously, I have recommended IconBeast Pro for iOS developers in my blog, and now they have receive a big update for their iPhone icons collection. This is a great news for all the previous and future buyers because these updates are worth it.

IconBeast Pro has receive a massive update of
  • 300 new iOS tab bar icons (with retina display)
  • 120 new iOS toolbar icons (with retina display)
  • icon design modification to 15 existing tab bar icons
  • icon design modification to 9 existing toolbar icons
  • fixed some naming errors and PNG sizes
  • SVG files included
These iPhone icons are great in every way, and they are exotic. Some of the iPhone icons are very original and hardly similar to anywhere.

iOS Tab Bar Icons

IconBeast is available in both commercial and free versions. If you are not ready for IconBeast Pro, then check out the IconBeast Lite for the free version.

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