Sunday, October 14, 2012

iOS Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons

If you are an iOS app developers, then you will be needing a lot iOS tab bar and toolbar icons to make your app more beautiful and stunning. There are graphic designers who create these icons for a price, while some are for free. Over here, I will be recommending IconBeast Pro.

IconBeast Pro is a set of over 1000 vector icons which priced at $75. These are icons are ready-to-use for iOS app with retina display supported. These icons are not only stunning, but they are pixel perfect even if you don't have a retina display devices. By purchasing IconBeast Pro, you will be granted a royalty free license and you are also entitled to free update when IconBeast Pro adds more icons in the future. This is a good bargain.

IconBeast Pro | iPhone Tab Bar and Toolbar Icons ($75)
IconBeast Lite | Free iOS Tab Bar Icons (Free)

300 Free iOS Tab Bar Icons

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