Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DepositPhotos Earnings

As promised on January 2011 on DepositPhotos Review blog post, I will report my earnings for DepositPhotos in the past 6 months. To be honest, I was only expecting to make $10 per month, but DepositPhotos performs far better than I expected. On average my earnings were about USD40/month for the past 4 months with about 250 vectors.

Most of the sales came from subscription though, which equivalent to $0.30 per download. I was hoping to get more Credit Download which normally worth $3.00 per download but this is rare.

Many regard DepositPhotos as a low-earners among other agencies, but to me, DepositPhotos has been a reliable and steady earners. I strongly suggest that you join DepositPhotos if you have a lot of vectors now because it is definitely worth a try. The uploading process is easy and smooth and the reviewers had been very lenient.


  1. HI! Thank you SO MUCH for all of the advice. Do you have an entry I'm missing on how to upload a vector? I read the terms (export...preview folder) but I'm new to preparing my images for upload. Thanks in advance for any help or advice on this topic. :)

  2. Hi Jenn, I don't have a section for this yet. But yeah, I was thinking about doing so because I am having trouble myself too every time I try to upload vectors to different agencies since they all require different ways.

    It would convenient if I there is something to refer back :)

    I'll get a time to prepare this section and thanks for the idea :)